Michael Stone

Friendship Is Like Oxygen

We Need It To Survive.

We are hardwired to be social, and that doesn’t diminish with age.  In fact, some of us believe that it becomes even stronger.

Michael StoneMichael Stone, Director. Nichole Brant, Client Care Coordinator. VNA HOME

When we met Mrs. Sanno’s daughters, they described a patch-work system of coordinating their mother’s care – Peapod food deliveries, daily phone calls to Mom for medication reminders, coordinating visits to doctor appointments, and even a couple of visits to the emergency room.  We assured them that we could help.

They requested that we assign a homemaker/companion who could talk baseball. Mrs. Sanno, a diehard Mets fan, had started to lose interest in her team last year, shortly after her husband passed away. We couldn’t help wonder whether her disinterest was really heartbreak in disguise. Her husband had passed away, and her beloved Mets had lost the World Series to the Royals.

Within the first month of services, we received a phone call from the youngest daughter who was visiting with her mother. We could hear the television in the background as she said, “I have great news. My mother and Carmen (her new homemaker/companion) are watching the Mets.  They’ve invited a few neighbors over to share a pizza. Thank you for sending us Carmen!” And before I could even say “you’re welcome,” I heard a click.

Not only did Mrs. Sanno have her Mets back, she also had a new friend Carmen who could talk baseball, bake brownies, take her to hairdresser, and even exchange recipes with her. Carmen brought a breath of fresh air into the Sanno family.

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